Computation of Exact g-Factor Maps in 3D GRAPPA Reconstructions

This code allows to exactly characterize the noise noise in 3D-GRAPPA (GeneRalized Autocalibrating Partial Parallel Acquisition) acquisitions with non-uniform undersampling patterns by a noise propagation analysis that operates directly in k–space. We exploit the extensive symmetries and separability into independent blocks in the reconstruction steps to take into account the correlation between all the acquired k–space samples. The code includes a script to reproduce the figures in [1].

[1] Iñaki Rabanillo, Ante Zhu, Santiago Aja-Fernández, Carlos Alberola-López and Diego Hernando (2017), "Computation of Exact g-Factor Maps in 3D GRAPPA Reconstructions". submitted to Magn Reson Med.

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