Image Processing and Analysis Toolboxes

  • Image Quality Assessment: QILV index. [Matlab Exchange] A new and complementary method to assess image quality is proposed, based on the comparison of the local variance distribution of two images. This new quality index is suited to assess the non-stationarity of images, explicitly focusing on the image structure.The method is presented in

    S. Aja-Fernández, R. San José Estépar, C. Alberola-López and C.F. Westin, "Image quality assessment based on local variance", EMBC 2006, New York, Sept. 2006.

  • Local statistics toolbox [Matlab]. Local operators for 2D processing. (MATLAB)
  • Soft thresholding for image segmentation [Matlab Exchange], as described in

    Santiago Aja-Fernández, Gonzalo Vegas-Sánchez-Ferrero, Miguel A. Martín Fernández, Soft thresholding for medical image segmentation, EMBC'2010, Buenos Aires, Sept. 2010.

  • 2-D adaptive noise-removal filtering [Matlab Exchange]. WIENERC modifies the WIENER2 function from the MATLAB image toolbox to provide proper noise estimation (assuming additive Gaussian noise). Methods proposed in:

    S. Aja-Fernández, G. vegas-Sanchez-Ferrero, M. Martín-Fernández and C. Alberola-López, "Automatic Noise Estimation in Images Using Local Statistics. Additive and Multiplicative Cases". Image and Vision Computing, Vol. 27, Issue 6, May 2009, pp. 756-770.