LPI research on COVID-19

The first LPI article about the psychological impact of the COVID-19 confinement has been published. This article has been made in collaboration with the Department of Psychology of the University of Valladolid.
Data were collected by the end of March - beginning of April. The main Highlights of this study are:
- College students reflected a possible psychological impact of the COVID-19 lockdown.
- Symptoms of common mental health disorders were reported by 20-35% of respondents.
- Around the half of respondents presented moderate to severe impact of the outbreak.
- Students from the Engineering and Architecture area showed lower symptomatic scores.
- Mental health from students should be monitored to mitigate the impact of the crisis.
The article is freely available until 11 July in the following link: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.psychres.2020.113108

Creation Date: 
25 May 2020