Multimodal analysis of MRI modalities in migraine

A paper about simultaneous analysis of features from different MRI modalities entitled Multimodal fusion analysis of structural connectivity and gray matter morphology in migraine has been published in Human Brain Mapping. This article has been written by Álvaro Planchuelo-Gómez, Santiago Aja-Fernández and Rodrigo de Luis-García, in collaboration with the Headache Unit and the Department of Radiology of the Clinical Hospital of Valladolid.

In this study, it was found that changes of cortical curvature were related to structural connectivity alterations in episodic migraine. Moreover, specific groups of structural connections ("networks") were expressed in the two migraine groups.

The methodology of this research allowed to assess the associated changes between specific features with no need of descriptor maps. Regarding migraine biomarkers, strengthened connections with pain processing regions and weakened connections within each lobe were identified in both groups of migraine patients. Altered structural connections with the hippocampus were suggested as chronic migraine biomarkers. This study suggests different pathological mechanisms taking place in migraine.

The article is available (Open Access) here:

Creation Date: 
12 Jan 2021